Ivy League and Oxbridge Consultation

Consultation by Mr. Viral Doshi well known and much sought after college consultant has 40+ years of knowledge in consulting young minds to get into top universities.

Ivy League & Oxbridge Consultation

Welcome to Intelligent Partners, your trusted education consultants! Explore our exclusive service, Viral Doshi’s Appointment, designed to propel high school students towards the top Ivy League schools and Oxbridge.

Unlock Your Potential with Viral Doshi's Guidance:

Viral Doshi, a renowned mentor, empowers around 150 high school students annually, guiding them to prestigious institutions such as Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and more. His mentorship program fosters confidence, self-esteem, and essential skills, offering a unique opportunity for students aspiring to study abroad.

Why Choose Viral Doshi's Appointment?

• Proven Success: Viral’s students secure admissions to world-class universities.
• Tailored Mentorship: A mentorship program addressing career options, admission strategies, and personal development.

How Viral Doshi Adds Value:

Viral Doshi is the go-to expert for parents and students eyeing Ivy League schools. With over 20+ years of experience and a record-breaking number of students admitted to Ivy League Universities, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge, Viral Doshi stands as a beacon of guidance.

Services Offered:

• Expert Advice: Navigate through the maze of education choices with expert guidance.
• Admission assistance: We help you select universities, interview preparation, and provide counselling on profile building and essay review to ensure a comprehensive approach to higher education.
• US Admission Essay: Receive personalized guidance on crafting a standout US admission essay.
• College Planning Session with Mr. Doshi for MBA: Tailored sessions with Viral Doshi for strategic planning and guidance on pursuing an MBA.
• IELTS and TOEFL Support: Ace language proficiency tests with our specialized assistance.
• SOP and LOR Guidance: Craft compelling Statements of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation.

Mentorship Beyond Borders:

Viral Doshi’s influence extends globally, with a focus on diverse career paths driven by technology. Having many options can be overwhelming, making mentoring a crucial aspect of decision-making.

Choosing the Right Path:

• Psychometric Testing: Identify strengths, weaknesses, and interests to determine a suitable career path.
• Board Selection: Tailored advice on choosing the right education board based on career aspirations.

Experience the Intelligent Partners Advantage:

• Education Consultants: Your partners in navigating the global education landscape.
• Study Abroad Help: Seamless support for international students.
• Value for Money: Our services are tailored to be both efficient and cost-effective.

Beyond Academia

Our support includes University shortlisting, Student Psychometric tests, university application assistance, Statement of Purpose (SOP), UCAS personal statement, Letter of Recommendation (LOR), UK Student Visa assistance, IELTS Test preparation, student Accommodation Assistance, post-arrival support and more.

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Book Your Appointment Today:
Viral Doshi regularly visits Dubai, providing limited appointments at our office in JLT. Parents are encouraged to secure appointments promptly to meet this educational luminary.
Don’t just dream of top-tier universities—make it a reality with Viral Doshi’s Appointment at Intelligent Partners. Your journey to academic excellence starts here!

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