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Educational Consultants in UAE. In the first place with a rich legacy of guiding students of all nationalities and all curriculums towards their study abroad dreams and our approach to your study abroad path and unwavering commitment make us an ideal partner for your success.

Educational consultant in UAE
Our Director

Mr. Sanjeev Verma, the driving force behind Intelligent Partners, a distinguished figure in international education, hiring teachers, & educational guidance. Emphatically with over 25 years of experience in the Middle East, Sanjeev has transformed the region’s educational services landscape.

Through his leadership, he significantly transformed it into a leading regional player from the ground up. Under his guidance, he transformed it into a leading regional player from the ground up.

With Sanjeev Verma at the helm, Undoubtedly Intelligent Partners is a trusted partner for people seeking exceptional educational solutions and institutions. 

Mission Statement:

Welcome to Intelligent Partners – Top Educational Consultants in UAE

Intelligent Partners Educational Consultancy, Dubai, UAE is your dedicated partner to higher education in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East. 

From personalised detailed guidance and expert advice, we’re committed to turning aspirations into accomplishments. 

To summarize our comprehensive services encompass education consultation, summer programs, internships, mentoring, shadowing, visa formalities, accommodation planning, pre-departure assistance, essay writing, profile building, psychometric tests, career consultation, English language proficiency and English language programs, and language programs for Mandarin, Japanese, French, etc. We even offer scholarship guidance to STEM and STEAM programs. 

In brief, we are a leading education solutions provider for student recruitment and higher education consulting, particularly in the MENA and South Asia region. 

Our Directors

Educational consultant in UAE
Sanjeev Verma

Founder & Director

As a matter of fact, with over thirty years of experience in the Middle East, his transformative impact has elevated Intelligent Partners to new heights. Under his visionary guidance, Intelligent Partners has become a trailblazer, offering comprehensive solutions and fostering meaningful relationships in the education consultancy landscape. His unwavering dedication to education makes him an invaluable asset, ensuring Intelligent Partners remains a trusted partner for individuals and institutions.

Educational consultant in UAE
Tahem Verma


A visionary leader in education consultancy. With a rich Product Manager and Co-founder background, Tahem seamlessly blends technology and education innovation. Thereupon holding an MBA from Cornell University and a Bachelor’s in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Tahem’s strategic insights drive Intelligent Partners’ commitment to cutting-edge solutions. Therefore his influence has positioned us as a key player in the sector, dedicated to advancing education through innovation and leadership.

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Reason For Choosing us

1. Personalised Guidance

In the first place we provide individualised guidance tailored to your unique career goals and study abroad plans. Whether you're considering a master's program in the UAE or looking abroad in Australia, medicine degrees in the UK, university admissions in the US, study abroad in Canada, programs in Ireland or Engineering degrees in Germany, or study in Malaysia, the best Educational Consultants in UAE is here to help you.

2. Comprehensive Study Abroad Support:

Our dedicated study abroad student Educational Consultants in UAE offer comprehensive support for those seeking study abroad opportunities. We simplify the complex university application process, student study visas, internships for students, college SOPs, UCAS personal statements, university application essays, and everything to get you admission into your dream college.

3. Proven Success Stories

Our success is measured by the achievements of our clients. Read the testimonials of students who have been admitted to top universities, affordable colleges and recognised higher education institutions.

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Explore the world of educational possibilities with Intelligent Partners. Contact us today to start a journey that will shape your future and lead you towards academic excellence.

Study Abroad Student Consultants

Stay informed on the latest in higher education, study abroad opportunities, and scholarships with our dedicated consultants.

Student Visa Officer

Our expert guides you through the intricacies of student visas, ensuring a smooth application process.

Psychometric Test Counsellor

Understand your strengths for a successful educational journey with insights from our college counsellor.

Academic Profiling Expert: Craft

personalized academic profiles tailored to your aspirations with our expert guidance. • Senior Educational Consultants: Specialists

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