Study MBA in Canada

Intelligent Partners is one of the UAE’s top higher education consulting firms, providing expert advice for students and families on Canadian university and College admissions.

Study Abroad MBA Program in Canada.

Embarking on an MBA program journey in Canada through Intelligent Partners Educational Consultancy, Dubai, UAE, opens doors to transformative experiences and exceptional education. Let’s delve into the comprehensive offerings and support that will shape your path to success.

Navigating Your Path with Intelligent Partners Canada Education Consultants :

Portfolio Assistance: Our experts guide you in building a compelling portfolio, showcasing your achievements and aspirations.
Degrees Beyond MBA: Explore dual-degree options, joint programs, and executive education to tailor your academic journey.
Canadian Student Visa Support: Our student visa specialists streamline the application process for getting a Canadian Study permit, ensuring a smooth transition to your Canadian MBA adventure.

Stay Ahead with Intelligent Partners:

• Stay Back Options: Unlock post-graduation work permits and explore career opportunities in Canada after completing your MBA at the university.
• Student Internship Opportunities: We will Facilitate Internship placements to Gain practical experience, bridging the gap between theory and application.

Excelling in Academics:

• Foundation and Pathway Programs: Build a strong academic foundation through tailored programs, ensuring you’re prepared for the rigour of your MBA studies.
• Test Preparation: Access specialized preparation courses to excel in standardized tests, a crucial step in securing admission to top Canadian universities.
• Shortlisting Affordable Canadian Colleges: Intelligent Partners B School admissions education consultants assist in identifying budget-friendly options, ensuring your education is not only enriching but also economically viable.

Tailoring Your MBA Experience in Canada:

• Global Network: Leverage our extensive network to connect with industry experts, fostering collaboration and enhancing your networking skills.
• Innovation and Leadership: Immerse yourself in Canada’s emphasis on innovation, critical thinking, and leadership, setting the stage for success in dynamic business landscapes.

Crafting Success with Renowned Universities:

• University of Toronto
• McGill University
• University of British Columbia
• Royal Roads University
• University of Windsor
• York University
• Trinity Western University

Our education consultants offer comprehensive support throughout your university admissions journey. Our services include guidance for language proficiency tests, assistance with university admission requirements, exploration of scholarships, support for foundation programs, countries comparison, student accommodations assistance, pre-departure guidance, profile building, preparation for university admissions and student visa interviews, mentorship programs, summer programs and more.

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Your MBA journey with Intelligent Partners college counsellors is not just about education; it’s a holistic approach to shaping your future as a business leader. Join us in Canada, where excellence meets opportunity.

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